New Mouse

Ah, more new hardware.

Ended up getting a new mouse; my old Logitech was getting long in the tooth so I decided on a Microsoft Blue Track mouse, which is MS’s new laser tech.

I quite like this mouse.  It’s got a very precise tracking and has a decent heft.  I was used to my wired Logitech which had no batteries.  This does, being wireless (2 AAs).

Also, having batteries makes the mouse heavier than what I’m used to.  I liked the lightness of the Logitech.  Having a wire made it a little more tethered than this is.  I’m slowly getting used to the weight of the mouse as well as the rubbery grips on the side.  Awesome.


  • Speed of movement.
  • Extra buttons: I have 2 side buttons.  They seem to be mapped to forward and back in my web browser.
  • Scroll wheel.  It’s so smooth and fast.  It needs a little breaking in for clicking, but other than that, it’s great.
  • Blue Track: it’s very precise.  Wow.


  • Weight.  Seems a little heavy with the batteries, but I’ll adjust.
  • Wireless.  I really, really wanted the corded version of this mouse.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Maybe Microsoft doesn’t make it.  Oh well; I’ll use batteries.  At least I can take the USB dongle and stick it in a spot on the bottom to shut it off.

This is an awesome mouse.  It’s fast, precise, has horizontal and vertical scroll, two extra buttons, and rubber grips on the side.  It’s very comfortable to use.  Microsoft makes great peripheral hardware!

Oh, I have it running just fine in Ubuntu.  It says that it “requires Windows 7 or Mac OSX” on the box, but it’s a mouse!  There should be no software required to get it up and running.  If it was a gaming mouse, I could see requiring extra software, but not a basic mouse.

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5 thoughts on “New Mouse”

  1. …but it’s a mouse! There should be no software required to get it up and running.

    I agree with that, mouse is so basic thing that it shouldn’t require anything extra. I’m using corded logitech mouse atm because my wireless logitech mouse decided sometime ago that it doesn’t want to work. And I suspect that it had something to do with me changing distros. I quite liked the wireless. :/

    1. I don’t understand why there’s software needed for a basic thing. Mice should be driverless. Like I said above, the ONLY mice that should require special drivers are highly specialized gaming mice that have a billion buttons. I don’t need that.

      Sorry your wireless mouse isn’t working. Silly way to get it working? Replace the batteries, and then stick the USB bit in your USB port before you boot. It might show up then. *Shrug* Just a thought…


      1. Might have to try that (if I haven’t tried yet because I think I have tried all the possible ways to plug it in and change batteries and turn it on and off in different orders.) But thanks. :)

    1. That looks like an awesome mouse!

      I actually have 2 MS mice, and both are very good. I almost think that MS should go to making hardware (mice, keyboards, webcams, etc) because their quality is great on those. Get out of the OS game, and make hardware. OSes will crop up to take MS’s place.


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