New Theme and Other Changes

I’ve changed my theme.  Again.

I really like this theme (iNove).  It’s got a sweet black-and-white thing going on, plus the ability to use a ton of widgets.  The widgets render nicely in the margins.

Readers and visitors will also notice that I’ve added a bunch of pages: Contact, Profiles, and More Stuff to Read.  Pretty self-explanatory.

The contact page houses all of my chat handles, IRC information, and also a way to get to my formspring account.  The profiles page has links to all of the places to find me, including microblogging accounts and music sites.  The “More Stuff to Read” tab has the blogs I follow.

If you click on my profile picture, you’ll be taken to my page.  I’m trying to use this as a main hub of my online identity.  Check it out here.

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