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I’m using two apps on my computer to follow my microblogging: Gwibber and MahTweets.  Both have the advantage that they don’t use Adobe AIR.


Anyone who reads this blog, knows I’m a huge fan of this software.  I run it every day that I’m in Ubuntu (which is every day…) and I love the great integration that it has with Gnome.  I love the new look that it has (great job @segphault!).

As you can see, the sidebar as been shrunk down to icons.  I quite like the the huge character count in the lower right corner.  The app feels very polished.

The only issue I have with it is that it needs to have “gwibber-service &” run in a terminal before it will start, but this will be taken care of by the full release (I’m using the Daily PPA).  Also, we don’t have status.net support yet, but I’m sure it will be added back in later on in the development.


MahTweets is a status.net/twitter/facebook app that runs natively on Windows.  I really like this program, especially since it has all of the features that I need.

It runs natively on Windows; ie, I don’t need something like Adobe AIR between the program and my OS.  While this allows many programs to be cross-platform, I’d rather just have a program that’s native.

MahTweets has great integration with Windows 7 in how it works with Aero.

This app has multiple columns, similar to Seesmic Desktop.  It doesn’t run on AIR, and it includes more microblogging sites than Seesmic does, so I’m using it instead of Seesmic.  I don’t want to have to have more than one program to follow my various sites; microblogging is supposed to be a simple way of updating people with what you’re doing.

I’m looking forward to whatever improvements come with MahTweets.  It’s a robust app and I think good things can come of it.

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2 thoughts on “Microblogging Software”

  1. Thanks for the interesting write up. I’ve definitely being looking for an app like MahTweets for my Windows install and its great that its not tied to Adobe Air which I loathe.

    I’m still using the stable Ubuntu version of Gwibber but the new look is tempting me to add the daily build PPA.

    1. What is it with Adobe AIR that people loathe? Even people who don’t do much with computers seem to hate it.

      The daily build PPA version has some hiccups in it. As long as you’re willing to deal with breakage, then I say, “go for it.” Oh, and good luck. ;)


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