Google Chrome Follow-up

Several weeks ago, I worked with Google Chrome. I liked it, and since then, the plugin system has matured, and I’ve been using it more.

By “using it more” I actually mean, using the Google Chromium daily PPA. I decided to use the Chromium version because it’s open-source.

I’m using it on my netbook (1 gb ram, Atom processor, 1024×576, etc) and it’s very snappy. Load times are faster than Firefox and Flock, and the extensions that it has makes the whole thing even better.

I’m using Adthwart, ChromeMilk, Google Calendar Checker, One Number, RSS Subscription Extension, and Shareaholic. These extensions really help make the browser shine and work better for me. I like the way Chrome integrates tightly with Google services. It makes checking email easy and fast.

Chromium is now my default browser on my netbook. It’s a lightweight browser that has extensions and is very easy to use.

There are some slight differences between Chromium and Firefox, mainly the use of webkit and moving your tabs to the top of the screen. Once you get beyond this, it’s very well laid-out and has a very modern look.

I still give it my thumbs-up. If you need something light for a netbook, or even an aging computer, I recommend highly.

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  1. I still swap between Fiefox and Chrome on a daily basis but I can definitely say that I’m real glad to finally have to not rely on IE any more :)

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