Empathy vs. Pidgin, the showdown, Round 2

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It’s been awhile since I’ve spoke on this topic, but I’ve started using Empathy for my day-to-day messenger.  Besides being integrated with Gnome, it works very well with the “indicator applet”.  I went back to Pidgin initially, but I found that it crashed every once in a while, especially if I hid it.

I still miss my meta-contacts.  I do hope that Empathy implements meta-contacts by Lucid.  This will be a great addition to this program.

This bug has been opened on launchpadThis bug has been filed on Gnome’s Bugzilla page.  The various devs do know about it, and I think if users are vocal enough, metacontacts will be in a future version, or at least the option to have metacontacts.

I want to see how this project develops.  I still like Pidgin, but I’m going to wait til the indicator applet matures before using Pidgin with it, especially considering my crashes.

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12 thoughts on “Empathy vs. Pidgin, the showdown, Round 2”

  1. This is just speculation, but I’m going to guess that the bugs in Pidgin are related to any code that the Ubuntu devs added or modified. I know they modify it to work with the notification applet among other things, so it could all be related. In Slackware (which doesn’t modify source code) and on Windows, I didn’t have any issues with crashes before switching to Kopete at the beginning of the month.

    1. I never had any issues with Pidgin before trying to use it with the indicator applet.

      I was using it with the tray icon, but the new Gnome way of doing things with the indicator applet is different and interesting. It’s especially great on a netbook where I have limited space on the top bar. :)

      Thanks for the idea of why things were going wrong. Good insight!


  2. I tried to like Empathy. I do like its approach to some things but otherwise it was buggy for me. Messages stopped auto-scrolling. I would sometimes get an influx of old messages in my notifications.

    I went back to Pidgin (removed Empathy altogether) and have not experienced any issues. Plus the Facebook plugin is much easier to install.

        1. Thanks.

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          Thanks for the link.

          And, double post? I deleted the other one, if you don’t mind…


          1. Spam!? How dare you WordPress! Haha.

            Yeah, sorry about the double post. It didn’t show me any success message or even that it was pending approval. Weird.

            1. That’s perfectly fine! :) Double posts happen. Might have been a hiccup in the internets. Who knows?

              Maybe the tubes are getting clogged or something. Someone send a plumber! Or, failing that, a plunger!



  3. Other than the odd crash Pidgin has still remained my IM client of choice. I suppose its partly due to the fact that I’m used to Pidgin but my time with Empathy seems to have been filled with nothing but issues. I constantly miss messages that never appear and the metcontacts issue really does irritate me.

    Hopefully it’ll mature into a useful IM client after a few more versions but until then Pidgin will stay no. 1 for me :)

  4. Hmm… well I have Pidgin still on my desktop PC, but Empathy on my Eee. I must admit I prefer Pidgin and I’ve not had any issues with it crashing with version 2.6.4

    1. You were flagged as spam. That doesn’t make me happy.

      Oh well…

      Pidgin is very mature and I do like it.

      I’m watching Empathy. I hope the project grows and matures and includes some of the things I want (namely, better blocking of contacts and metacontacts). I’m still fluctuating between the two.


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