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I’ve decided to switch to Zim.

I figured out how to set up my hierarchical lists!

You do it as such:


Laugh if you wish, but I figured it out… @sndchaser on identi.ca showed me a picture of his desktop, and I saw at the bottom of his Zim session, there was that same syntax.  I started using it, and found that it worked perfectly!

It was a “duh” moment.

*shakes head*

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3 thoughts on “Update: Desktop Wiki”

  1. Hi, I’ve been using Tomboy (1.0.0, sync’ed in Dropbox), and recently decided to give Zim a try, but didn’t manage to export the Tomboy notes to Zim with the tzim.py script. I always get the “no note files” error. I even tried moving the notes to the default dir (~/.tomboy) and press Return when queried, but still it gives the same error. Did it work out for you?


    1. I actually did a cut and paste operation (for each note). I didn’t have a lot of notes (10? 15?) but more than that will cause a headache.

      You can export each one of your notes to html, but I don’t think that will help you much.

      I’ve never tried that script. What exactly does it do?


      1. I thought you used some tool to migrate your notes… I have over 100, so manually copying them is a bit of a drag :) Well, when I’ll be really bored, I’ll move a couple of notes (it’s not very urgent anyway).

        The script is supposed to convert the Tomboy notes to Zim format (I got it from http://zim-wiki.org/extras.html ). It creates the text files and translates XML markup to wiki. Maybe Tomboy just changed since the last revision of that script (which was in 2008).

        Thanks anyway!

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