Google Chrome Beta

Google Chrome has been released for Linux, and there is a build for Ubuntu available on the Chrome site.

I’ve been using it with various extensions, and so far it’s very stable and easy to use. I’ve used Chromium in the past (from the Ubuntu PPA) and I’ve found it to be stable also. I like the speed of startup and the ease of search from the address bar. I also like the extensions I have installed:

  • Adthwart- An adblocking extension. Doesn’t do as good of a job as Adblock+ for Firefox though.
  • ChromeMilk- A Remember the Milk extension. Great for managing your RTM tasks in Chrome.
  • Facebook Notifications- Gives me a quick overview of Facebook activity.
  • One Number- This extension notifies me of new activity in Google Reader, Gmail, and Google Wave. Very nice, and does it all in one icon.
  • RSS Subscription Extension- Adds an RSS icon to the address bar when there’s an RSS feed on the page you’re viewing.
  • Shareaholic- Brilliant extension that lets you share via digg, delicious, posterous, tumblr and more.

Installation was as simple as they come; download the .deb (or .rpm), double click, enter your password, and bam! it installs. Start it from your menu and it’s up and running immediately.

Chrome starts faster than Flock or Firefox and is laid out well. I didn’t have to muck with any toolbars or remove any icons like I do with Firefox and Flock.

The installation of extensions is as simple as going to the extensions page and clicking on whatever extension you want. It will automatically install and enable with no restart. This is one of the neatest things, as Firefox and Flock both need to be restarted after installing an extension.

I need to give it some more testing, but at first try I really like this. I’m not sure if it will take over my “top dog” browser (Flock) but I like the simplicity and ease of use of Google Chrome.

Try it out; i doubt you will be disappointed.

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2 thoughts on “Google Chrome Beta”

  1. I’ve just installed the Beta in Ubuntu as well and I’m mighty impressed with it. So much so that I’ll be dropping Firefox as my primary browser in both Windows & Ubuntu.

  2. Well, I tested it (with a load of extensions) and can’t see anything that would even make me think of switching to Chrome as default browser. I still find Opera and Firefox much better (except in startup time).

    BTW, there is a Google repo ( from which it can be installed too (I prefer it to manual installing because of security and updates).

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