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I guess I’m now an “official” LinuxChick, as I’ve been hit by MikeeUSA on this blog.  My personal space.


MikeeUSA is an asshat who trolls blogs.  He trolls blogs written by women in tech and men in tech who support women in tech.

This is an unadulterated post I received in my email to approve on my blog.  (This is what the Trigger is for, do note. Also! my language, if you’re offended by curse words.)

“You can’t ban hammer me you scumbag piece of shit women’s rights advocate.


The prerogative of a Man is to find for himself a mate. So much as he avoids taking another man’s mate, no barrier (legal or customary) should be placed to obstruct him.
Females should be married off to men once said females are able to have children (usually at age 12, 13, or 14.)
The “penalty” for the rape of a young unmarried female should be that she is awarded to the man as a permanent wife of his (As stated in Deuteronomy 22)
Men should rape their wives at will.
Females should obey their husbands in all things, as if they were domestic servants.
If a nation seeks to opress its men by denying them these liberties, than it should be destroyed.

Death To women’s Rights
Viva Men’s Liberty
Liberty (for Men). Equality (amongst Men). Fraternity”

I have more of the same, and actually, this is the most tame of the graffiti.  I have logged his IP address (though it won’t do any good, as he uses tor to hide behind).

He posts anti-women vitriol on blogs relating to tech (and the post he trolls won’t even be related to women in tech; he hit my last post about System76).

The best thing you can do is to NOT ENGAGE this piece of shit and ruthlessly delete his vitriol off of your blog.  I also recommend using the ability to moderate comments or shutting comments off your blog for awhile after he drive-bys you with his shit.

Maco has written about him here.  Geek Feminism has info here.  I am glad that I’m not alone in this.  Well, I’m not glad, as the fine, upstanding ladies of Geek Feminism, Debian, and Ubuntu have had to put up with this guy before.

I’m keeping a folder in Tomboy with all of his messages, and keeping all of his comments in my spam queue so I still have them in case I need them for evidence.

I won’t shut off comments to my blog, but I will be doing more moderation until this passes.  If you post a comment, it won’t show up right away, as I want to review them all before they’re shown.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  I’m also thinking about instituting a comment policy, much like GeekFeminism has.  I shouldn’t have to, but this is why we can’t have nice things.

I will not stand for this.  He’s fucked with the wrong person.

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7 thoughts on “MikeeUSA spam”

  1. You know the human race is a multi-faceted entity. We have the good, the bad, and the downright idiotic and this narrow minded scumbag is about as bad and idiotic as they get. It’s a good idea to protect yourself but don’t let him get to you.

      1. Oh, I wasn’t trying to speak for him. All I was saying is not to let him get under your skin. He’s obviously trying to provoke you most likely for some perverted self satisfaction. He’s definetly not worth that so don’t give him the satisfaction.

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