Trip to the UP

(Note for people who aren’t from Michigan or the USA: the UP stands for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.)

On October 27th, I’m going to the UP.

I was due to go up on the 28th, but I managed to get an interview/meeting with a company up there (Ironwood Plastics), so I’m going up a day early.

This will be the longest car trip I have ever been on with me driving.

Let me start from the beginning…

I’m a member of Daughters of the Nile, and we have “ceremonials”; meetings where we perform the initiatory work and get new members into the group.  This meeting is usually in addition to our regular meeting every month.  Every year, we have a visit by the Supreme Queen of the Supreme Temple (the governing body of the whole organization worldwide).  We usually go to the other temples (Grand Rapids and Detroit) but this year, we’ve decided to go up North to the Temple in Marquette.

I also try to go to the SAE World Congress in April of every year.  Now, this past year, I went and was wandering about the expo floor and came across Ironwood Plastics.  I chatted up the young man at the booth and asked about jobs.  I didn’t get much of an answer (which is fine, he was an engineer or something) but I did make a note to check out their website when I got home.

I got home from the SAE Congress and hit the web.  I had marked up my expo book and started checking out companies I had seen… I hit up the Ironwood Plastics website and emailed the “jobs” email address about potential jobs.  This is not new to me; I often do it to companies I’m interested in, but the difference was that this time I got a response.\

Back to my trip to the UP… I’m going up there for the ceremonial AND an interview with Ironwood Plastics.  This is going to be a massively busy week (last week in October), but I hope it’s a productive one.

If I get a job out of this meeting, I will be ecstatic.

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3 thoughts on “Trip to the UP”

  1. Best of luck with the job interview. I know a few years back I also went through a year or so of unemployment when I first entered the job market.

    Of course it helps that you get to go on a nice trip as well. :)

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