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I take notes.

I’ve always had notes.  At work, I had a ton of sticky notes and if they got disturbed, then I’d go into forty-seven fits.  They had everything from phone numbers to names to to-dos and random numbers.  I managed to get it all under control in a Steno book within a few weeks, but people loved to hand me sticky notes for tasks I had to do.

I wished I had Tomboy Notes in this situation.  I used a series of text files as well as a series of to-do lists in my Steno book.

I’m using Tomboy to manage my little thoughts.  Ideas for NaNoWriMo, ideas for blogs, ideas for other fic, specific job search tasks, and the like.

Simple, eh?  I have different things connected to each other, like everything in the NaNoWriMo notebook.

I’m using Tomboy to organize my thoughts for my NaNoWriMo story.  You can also see that I’ve got a section for “Job Search” in which I have notes pertaining to my… job search.  Notes about companies, notes to myself about email, etc.

I’ve gotten another program to manage notes called basKet@slackusr suggested it.  I haven’t figured out how to really set it up yet, but I wanted to get it so I have another choice besides Tomboy Notes and sticky notes.  I’ll post more info about it once I use it more, but I’m very impressed right now.  I’d like to give it a try.  It seems like a very powerful application.

I think this works very well for me.  I love being able to keep things organized so I can find it later.  These note programs will help me.

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6 thoughts on “Note Taking Software”

  1. I so loved basket, it is the best note taking application I’ve ever used. Tomboy has become quite better, though. Since Tomboy has a lovely Gnome Do integration, I switched to Tomboy again.

    If you give it some time to prove itself to you, I believe you’ll get addicted to basket :)

  2. You may wish to check out Gnote. It works just like Tomboy but made with Python instead of C sharp. It’s a bit faster and you won’t get stoned by freedom advocates for using Mono. :-)

    Personally, I use Evernote. Currently there isn’t a Linux version but I believe that it may be in the works. I run the Windows version client in Wine but I also use the Web interface. What wins me over is the image recognition. I take pictures of receipts, hand-written notes, etc. with my phone and upload it…Evernote recognizes the text in the images and I can search for it later. Plus I just like that I can sync all of my notes between my devices easily. I can’t wait for Gnome based Linux client to come out. Maybe I should make one!

    Thanks for sharing your method of taking notes!

    1. RE: Gnote

      Wow. I just installed Gnote. All I can say is WOW.

      Faster than Tomboy? Check.
      Just as easy to use? Check.
      Looks the same? Check.

      I don’t think it has the “sync to folder” option yet (and that’s the ONLY thing that will keep me from switching).

      But wow. That’s an awesome piece of software.

      Thanks for sending it my way!

      RE: Evernote

      I’ve never tried it. The lack of Linux support is what kept me from running it, but if it’s in the works, I might give it a shot. I don’t have any devices to sync to (just my laptop and my netbook) but if I had an iPhone or iPod touch I’d want something like Evernote to sync. The written-to-type recognition sounds really awesome. I’d love to get my stuff (receipts, invoices, etc) all digitized. I fear it won’t happen til I move out of my house.


  3. I mainly use Zim for note taking, its more of a desktop wiki than a note app. But as a sysad its just what i need to take to help document my day to day activities.

    1. I read a little about Zim on wikipedia. I’m sure it has a good search setup, as it is a wiki. :)

      I’ve never really tried the wiki approach with notes. Actually I wish I had Tomboy when I was at school. That, combined with a netbook would have been great for some classes… Not all (as I’m a mechanical engineer and there are loads of diagrams from my classes), but enough.

      Students these days have so much stuff available to them; desktop wikis, note-taking apps, cloud-sync software, etc. I wouldn’t go back to being a student, but it’s gotta be easier to organize your life now than it was just 5 years ago.


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