Renaissance Fair

We went to the Michigan Renaissance Fair this Sunday.  I wanted to see the musical acts (I love all manner of folk and world music) as well as pick up some CDs to some of my favorite musicians.  This I did, in full force.

First, we stopped at a setup in front of some of the food vendors and listened to the group Wine and Alchemy.  They play a selection of world music.  I would classify it as “Gypsy” and it’s wonderful to listen to.  Takes you to another place and time, filled with spices, mysterious women and men, and camels.  It has a very Middle-Eastern flair.  I picked up their “Turning of the Seasons” CD.

Next, we hit up the Guinness Pub to take in Equinox.  I’d seen Equinox before at the White Crow.  They are awesome, with a great mix of Celtic music.  I love bagpipes, so listening to a piper is something I enjoy.  The music was lively, with great pipes, fiddle, flutes/whistle, drums and even some dancing!  We ate lunch at the pub and had some beers whilst the music played.  I picked up “Lothain Sky”, which I love.

We wandered around some more and headed toward the “World Market” area of the Fair.  They had a huge stage set up (and hay bales for people to sit on) to watch various shows.  We ended up seeing a Czech dance group perform traditional dance.  It was very interesting.  I was captivated by the music.

Next (after wandering around in the shops and seeing our favorite Crystal/Scrimshaw vendor), my brother had us watch a Birds of Prey show at the joust field.  All I can say is “WOW”.  That was awesome.  The birds flew all around (falcons and hawks) going after decoys he’d set up and swing.  I guess he uses the birds not only for demos like at Fairs, but also for hunting.  That’s what the birds were used for.  He explained the equipment (hoods, bells, jesses [like short leashes], bait, etc) and how one hunts with falcons.  It was really neat how he explained it all, and very interesting.  I don’t hunt, but I wouldn’t mind going out on a hunt and watching this done.

We ended up being late for the New World Renaissance Band performance.  Wow.  Owain Phyfe is an awesome singer.  I love the stories he tells with the songs.  I’ve seen him a couple of times at the Jewel Stage (which is ALWAYS packed; arriving late, we were lucky to get benches in the back) and vowed that this year I was going to get a CD.  I did.  I ended up with “Live the Legend: The New World Renaissance Band, Love Songs of the Renaissance”.  All I can say is wow.  He truly is a master of music.

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  1. Check out the Michigan Hawking Club ( I don’t remember meeting anyone from Michigan, so I can’t make recommendations. But falconry is pretty amazing… My wife’s a master falconer, although that’s paused at the moment for other concerns.

  2. That’s very cool. I was very impressed with the work he did with the birds. I’ve read about falconry, but I’d never seen it done.I like the site; thanks!And that’s really neat about your wife!Amy

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