Gwibber 2.0

Gwibber has increased a release number (from the 1.x branch to the 2.x branch) and I must say… it’s awesome.

Screenshot of the new UI:

There are some quirks, as with all pre-release software, and I’m running into them as I write this.

On first try, I’m noticing these things:

  • Notify-osd doesn’t seem to work properly, even if you have “show bubbles” checked on the preferences menu.
  • Append colon doesn’t seem to be working properly, even though I have it checked in the preferences.
  • Upon restart, gwibber doesn’t keep the same window dimensions as I had it upon exit.  This is a minor issue, though it would be nice to have working.
  • Related to the above, gwibber doesn’t keep the same position upon restart.  Again, this is a minor issue.
  • No Jaiku.  This is minor, but if you use Jaiku (like me), it gives you another reason to drop the service.  I’m not getting as much out of it as I was before.  (Sorry Bugabundo!)

Now that I’m done airing the issues with it, here’s the good stuff:

  • New UI.  Gwibber has added a sidebar that shows your individual accounts (, twitter, facebook, etc).  You can click on the “replies” heading and see all of the replies to your twitter account (for instance).  This is handy if you’re trying to track something down in a specific account.  There’s also a drop-down menu, but I prefer the sidebar.
  • Facebook has the options to “like” and reply to posts.  In the old version, you had to go to Facebook and do your posting and whatnot to individual wall posts.
  • Search box at the top of the window.  This is awesome, as I can search on a term and it finds posts related to that term, and returns them by account.  Awesome.
  • A refresh button in the toolbar.  This is great, since I can refresh and see what everyone is saying right now.
  • Easy access to Favorites on both twitter and  Now, if you’ve faved a certain post, you can see it easily.
  • In the same vein, there’s a “Public” filter for both twitter and  You can easily see what people are talking about outside your set of friends.

Do remember that this is from the daily PPA, so it MAY BREAK.  If you need a stable version, use the 1.x branch that’s included in Ubuntu or whatever distro you’re running.

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5 thoughts on “Gwibber 2.0”

  1. Hi Amy…

    Yes I concur, I have the same issues you have encountered! but I’m sure in time it will improve (I hope!) I too was a little disappointed to see that Jaiku has been dropped (maybe temporary?) but we shall have to wait and see… :)

  2. I’m certainly liking the new look and feel of the 2.0 release and hopefully all the annoying bugs will be sorted out quickly. Its definitely a good move on Canonical’s part to include it as part of the Ubuntu desktop from 9.10 onwards. Now if only I could find a good and Twitter client for Windows :)

    1. I have no idea what you’re looking for, but Posty seems to work well for Windows… It’s Adobe AIR, so if you’re looking for something that’s native, then that’s not it…



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