GTD and Sunbird and RTM

I’ve still been working through a GTD setup (partly because I have time to, heh) and I’ve been experimenting with several different things.

Today I wanted to get Lightning working in Thunderbird.  Well, that didn’t work very well, as I couldn’t figure out how to get Lightning to sync with my Google Calendars.

So… I got Sunbird (sudo apt-get install sunbird) and then found a Remember the Milk extension for it.  Download, install, connect, and now I have RTM in Sunbird.

(I’m app-hopping; Tasque is the first app I used to manage my to-do list, I may go back to it.  I’ve kept it installed.)

This way, I have my calendar (synced with G-cal), my to-do list (synced with RTM), and my email (Thunderbird, if I choose to use it) all on the desktop.  This is good for a “backup” of my stuff, so I can get to it even if I don’t have access to the net (Oh, the humanity!!).

I’m still doing the manual sync with my moleskine and pen to the computer.  It’s easier to deal with than some sort of PDA that doesn’t have compatibility with Ubuntu.  Also, my moleskine doesn’t run out of batteries at an inopportune time, nor does it have games to distract me.

I just hope that I can stick with this GTD system.  I like having a list of everything I have to do, and I really wish I had this system back when I was at school (high school and college).  I wish I had all of these tools available to me when I was in college, as it would have been easier to deal with meetings and classes and everything else.

To anyone that’s in higher education, get a GTD setup that will work for you.  Organize your projects, classes, assignments and club meetings on your calendar as well as your “free time” and “study time”.  If you don’t schedule it, you won’t know where your time goes.

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