Facebook + Friendfeed = Facefeed?


Facebook has bought Friendfeed.

I’ve, subsequently, removed all of my info on Friendfeed.

I like Facebook.  It’s a good platform for keeping in touch with friends, playing silly little games, and all that stuff… BUT, it has been proven several times that Facebook doesn’t care about your privacy.  Examples include them changing their TOS (to change rights to photos and such), and also the advertisement photo use.  (NOTE: I have no problem with Facebook making money, but could they find a better way, like through “better” ads?  But I digress…)

Now they have Friendfeed.  I still don’t know what to make of it, but I did change my “lifestream” to Tumblr.  The only issue with Tumblr is that you can only import 5 RSS feeds or other accounts.  So, using RSS and twitterfeed, I’ve connected up my wakoopa and Mixx accounts to twitter and identi.ca.  The only overlap I have is the blog, which is fed into Tumblr and to twitter/identi.ca, so my followers will get two notices of it updating.  There’s really nothing I can do about it, as I want both there, and I don’t feel people should have to click twice to get the the real article.

The only thing I feed to Facebook is my blog.  I haven’t had twitter/identi.ca hooked up to Facebook for awhile now (too many non-important messages and @’s that didn’t make sense to people there, unless they followed me on twitter/identi.ca).

I’ll keep following the buzz surrounding this, but I wanted to get something out there, as I loved Friendfeed and the ease of getting someone’s whole online life (or at least how much they’re sharing) in one place.

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16 thoughts on “Facebook + Friendfeed = Facefeed?”

  1. I didn’t like that Facebook bought Friendfeed. I’ve started using it not so long ago, hoping to collect online clutter together and end up having one more place to check updates, thus defying the purpose. Facebook is a service I’m unable to like and my dislike is only growing day by day. When you put them in the same box…well, time to look for some other service.

    1. I don’t like it either. That’s why I deleted all of my “stuff” from Friendfeed, and have moved as much as I can to identi.ca/twitter and my Tumblr.

      Friendfeed was a very nice service, but Facebook will do it’s darnedest to ruin it, I’m sure. For now, they’re separate services, but I see them merged within this year or the beginning of next year.

      I liked the way the updates are handled, but with identi.ca going to the “context” bit, there’s really no reason to have Friendfeed around. Especially since I can import my other “stuff” (wakoopa, blogs, delicious, etc, etc) into twitter/identi.ca via twitterfeed and cover many of the same people I would with Friendfeed.

      Facebook is fine for “connecting with friends”, but I prefer to have my online communication less “walled off” as it were; hence my (public) blog. I still feed the blog to Facebook, although I don’t use it as much as I used to. I really go in spurts with the service. Sometimes I use it, other times I don’t. Recently I deleted a bunch of “apps” off of my profile, but that’s another blog post.


      1. I love what you do with your identi.ca account, importing your other “stuff” into identi.ca. I’m thinking of trying similar approach while leaving friendfeed, too.

        And “context” feature of identi.ca is awesome. I hope gwibber can support it soon.

        1. Posterous.com is another good one. You can email your status updates and anything else (including photos and blog entries) to your unique posterous email and it’ll send it to all of the other services like Twitter, Identi.ca, Tumblr, etc. So you basically use it as your hub instead of going to all of your services individually.

          1. Very nice. I looked into Posterous, but I guess I prefer Tumblr. It’s more customizable and stuff.

            Also, I have my twitter feed down the side of my Tumblr. That and Wakoopa… so really, all my stuff is there, just go to the page.


            1. You can still use Tumblr. You don’t need to use or share your Posterous page. I meant just use the email functionality to post to all of your services including Tumblr. I do agree Tumblr looks nicer though.

              1. Very cool.

                I prefer to use Flock to post to most of my services as opposed to email.

                I guess I just have a different way of doing stuff… I’ll go to the Tumblr page to post text, but I post most images and links and whatnot via Sharaholic.


  2. Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is. If people don’t want this kind of stuff then they shouldn’t be on the Internet. All of these sites are what you make it. If you don’t like FB’s image rights then link to your photos vs. uploading them directly to FB. If you get tons of notifications and annoying application requests then shut them off.

    I think you have valid points, Amy, but quite honestly what is stopping any other social network or social aggregation site from doing the same thing? They may not specifically say that in any TOS but how does anyone know what they do with your data in the background? As long as you put your information anywhere but on a server that you control…it’s not really yours anymore.

    At the end of the day, use what works well for you. If you like FF then use it.

    1. The big deal is that Facebook is trying to take over new tech and place it in their “silo” of Facebook-filtered web; much like AOL (and its “silo”).

      I HAVE shut off the annoying notifications, removed apps, and have been blocking apps since they started adding that link to the bottom of the invite.

      Nothing is stopping any other social network from doing the same, I agree. BUT, not everyone can afford all of the “stuff” to have “a server that [they] control”.

      It’s almost like a social contract. I make your site work by posting my work, pics, ideas, notes and other bits of my life; the least you can do is to treat it with respect.

      That’s the thing. These social network sites won’t work if people don’t put their info up on them, so what value do they have in the great scheme of things? None? I get something out of it, but I also put information up there.


      1. Sorry, Amy. I didn’t mean to imply that you don’t CYA when it comes to your stuff. I know that you’re a smart chic.

        I say we make our own super wicked awesome social network.

        1. Heh. Maybe I was harsh. Sorry, but I guess I’ve been reading the Consumerist too much and people have the attitude there “if you don’t like it, don’t look/read/watch/etc it.”

          But it is a social contract, IMHO. We spend time on their networks, making their networks what they are (because if digg, myspace, facebook, mixx, reddit, identi.ca, twitter, ad nauseum didn’t have users there’d be nothing there), the least they can do is to respect the fact that the user should be able to control their work.

          In my 4th paragraph, i meant “you” as in “you the social network websites”, not “you” as in…. well, YOU, Myke. Heh. I wasn’t very clear.

          Hrm… I really like what laconi.ca is doing with their social network… I guess I’m a fan of CC-licensed stuff. If it’s CC-licensed, then you’re “releasing” it to the “wild” but people can use it, as long as they attribute the creator. That’s why I put a CC on all of my stuff (check out my license tab) except stories/fiction.

          I’ve removed almost all of my apps on Facebook. I’m disenfranchised with the whole thing, I guess… I’m sick of those apps that gather all your info and do whatever with it.

          Open standards FTW. I hope to see more open standards social networks.


          PS: What would we call the wicked awesome social network? :)

          1. It’s all good ;-)

            I am also a fan of Open-Source. I follow you on Identi.ca by the way (http://identi.ca/mykal).

            I’m not sure what to call the social network…but something with “wicked” in it would be cool.

            Do you do any programming? Also, what do you use more now – Ubuntu or Crunchbang?

            1. Thanks for the follow! I notice you’re from Maine. That’s cool. I have family in Maine, and my dad was from there. I love the state and I wish I could get a job there.

              I use Ubuntu and UNR more right now because Crunchbang is on my netbook (only half of the netbook, even) and I’m having wireless issues with it. I love Crunchbang’s concept, and it’s getting me more in tune with the terminal, which is what I need anyway (even if it is something as simple as configuring my menu).

              I don’t do any programming (unless you count making all my own html links…). I’m a mechanical engineer by trade and unemployed right now. I’ve done some Ubuntu bug fixing, which I have to get back into…

              Open Source is WIN (caps-lock because it’s that important). I almost wish I could kill my twitter habit, but I follow too many interesting people there in Open Source as well as some celebs.

              Laconi.ca has a project called status.net that seems interesting. Maybe something could be done with that? “Wicked Status”? :)


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