Crunchbang Linux

I’ve decided to embark on a mission to increase my knowledge of other Linux distros.  Again.

This time, I’m trying out Crunchbang Linux on my netbook.  I know the System76 driver works just fine with Crunchbang, as I’ve tried it already.

I think I like Openbox, as it’s clean and pretty quick.


I think I messed it up a little bit though.  I tried to install Ubuntu Netbook Remix back to the netbook and use the same /home partition.  Well, I seem to have messed up some of the files there… so, I’m going to completely reinstall and create my partitions ahead of time.  That way, eveything is set up and my partitions are organized so I can install easier.

We’ll see.  I need to do the partitioning and installing before I can call anything a success.  I have everything saved on a separate hard drive, so it’s no big deal to reinstall and then restore from the external drive.

Wish me luck, and I hope to post more about this little adventure soon!

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