New Laptop

Ah. The wonders of new hardware.  It makes me happy (to have something that’s shiny and not so dang slow), just like it makes most other geeks happy.

Onto what I got:

The System76 Pangolian Performance laptop.

It has a 15.4 screen (huge, IMHO) with 1680×1050 resolution (upgraded), Core 2 Duo P8700 2.53 GHz 1066 MHz FSB 3BM L2 (25 Watt) (upgrade also), 4 GB RAM (upgrade), 320 GB hard drive (upgrade), 1 DVD/CD burner drive, 512 MB DDR2 nVidia GeForce G105M graphics card, standard networking and wireless, 2.0 MP webcam (built-in), Bluetooth,  and all the standard ports (including HDMI, VGA and 3 USB).  Oh, and I forgot to mention; it comes with 64-bit Ubuntu 9.04.

From the System76 website.

I got it yesterday, 30JN09.  A good day for mucking about with a laptop, as the weather was chilly, and it looked like rain.

Anyway, I opened the box and almost forgot to take some pictures!  I went over to my brother’s computer and stole his digital camera and took the following to show the computer and its packaging:

This is the box after I took off the shipping box.  Nice packaging!

Here it is with the computer taken out: the long box is where the power brick was and the thin box contained all of the documentation.

I opened it all up and put it together with my own hardware (mouse, speaker, USB hub and printer).

Here it is, in its new home!

Here it is with the screen shut.  Takes up much less room than the desktop ever did!

Well, this wasn’t enough for me.  I wanted a better way to hook my cables together and I wanted to get some extra air flow from my new toy… err, computer.  So, I took a trip to Staples today.  I was looking for a laptop holder that was a) cheap and b) sturdy.  Well, I found a “shelf” thingy made of wire that would either be too high (set up correctly) or just the right height (inverted).  For $10.50 you can’t go wrong (and if it is wrong, I can always use it somewhere else, like under the desk…).

I brought it home (along with a PS2-to-USB converter I picked up at Radio Shack) and started assembling my contraption.

The keyboard would sit in front of the laptop, which would sit on the inverted shelf (I found it was WAY too high for my tastes).  I could hook my USB hub to the shelf support (which I did; I had a velcro cable tie laying around), and I could save some room by having the external hard drive I keep my back up on under the shelf.  It was just slim enough.  I fed my keyboard cord underneath the shelf and I got this:

The USB hub is fixed so I can slide it on the rail.  I can slide it towards me to plug in a flash drive, camera or mp3 player, then slide it back out of the way.  All of my miscellaneous USB devices are plugged into the back part of the hub: printer, mouse, keyboard and USB drive.

Note in the close-up above, you can see where the external drive sits.  The power brick is now next to the laptop.

My laptop now gets some decent airflow whilst being at the right height for me.  Now I might have to adjust the resoluion so I can read my screen better. o_O

Either way, I love this laptop.  It’s built extremely well.  It feels solid and I was able to get up and running in a matter of minutes.  All it took was an update, installing some of my favorite programs, and going!

I’d say my System76 experience was a very good one. 5/5 for letting me know what’s going on with it as well as having awesome machines.  Now, I wait for my netbook to arrive; due to hit my doorstep tomorrow sometime.

EDIT: Removed the shelf.  As much as I love my keyboard, I liked being able to see what I was typing more.  Heh.  My $10.50 appears to be wasted, but I think I might find something else to use it for.

5 thoughts on “New Laptop”

  1. I am thinking about getting a System 76 Serval Professional notebook, and in fact the upgrades you chose are very similar to mine. Is the top of the notebook (where the keyboard is) really white? I thought the pictures on the System 76 web site were silver.

    1. Never mind, I saw you got the Pangolin. For some reason I thought you purchased the Serval.

    2. The top of the notebook (back of the screen) is black.

      The keyboard is white. In fact, my family calls my new computer the “Oreo”, as it has a white center and black top and bottom. *sigh*

      The Pangolian is a good machine. I recommend it. :)


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