Just last Sunday I ordered two brand spanking new Ubuntu computers from System76.

I got the Pangolian and the Starling.

The Pangolian is a full laptop. I upgraded the RAM, screen, hard drive, and processor.

The Starling is a netbook with Ubuntu Netbook Remix. I didn’t upgrade anything, as there wasn’t anything to really upgrade…

Anyway, I’m waiting til my laptops get sent. They’re in “manufacturing” right now.

I will be doing a full blog post (an “unboxing”) when they arrive.

In the meantime, I’m excited and having a hard time waiting!

EDIT: The laptops have been shipped.  ETA: July 1st.

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6 thoughts on “Computers!!”

  1. I hope you didn’t do like I always do and cheap out on the shipping, forcing yourself to have to wait even longer. :) Congratulations. New hardware is always exciting.

    1. I did take the cheapest option (UPS Ground, up to 7 days) but I’ve had good luck with UPS Ground. They say 7 days, but I usually get it in 3-5. The Dell I ordered had that, and I got it very quickly.

      My computers aren’t even in transit yet. They’re still in the “manufacturing” stage. I can hardly wait til they get built so they get shipped!


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