Opera vs Flock

Ok.  The title of my post is kind of misleading.  It’s mostly going to be about Opera (my modified version of it anyway).  Everyone knows I use Flock as my main browser (I’m writing this post in Flock’s blog writer) and I love it.

Let’s get to it.

The Good

Opera is blazing fast.  Like, insane fast.  Wow.  I was blown away by how fast it loaded and how quickly it brought up Google.  I love the layout, and the fairly easy way to customize the layout.

There is an adblocking feature that you can enable.  Right-click on your page, and click “block content”.  The print will disappear, and the page will show all the blockable content.  Just click on the stuff you want blocked, click on the “done” button, and there you have it.  Well, you have to do this with every stinking page you frequent, but once you do it, it should be done.  There is an easier way, however.  Go here and follow the instructions.  I run Ubuntu, so my file is: /home/gamerchick02/.opera/urlfilter.ini.  Modify that, and you should be good with most ads.

That makes the browsing experience much better.

In my panels, I added mobile delicious and mobile Ping so I can access those services in the sidebar.

Opera skins makes it easy to add and change skins for Opera.  There is also a widget engine that you can use for twitter or digg or weather.  I don’t use very many, because I think they get in the way.  Maybe I don’t think they’re useful, but I might just not have found the right ones to use.

The (not so) Bad

The only really bad thing about Opera is that it doesn’t allow the use of Firefox addons (or any addons, really).  I really like several addons (stumbleupon, shareaholic, adblock and flashblock).  There is no blog editor (also no addon for it like scribefire), no twitter, no mail checker, no photo uploader, etc.  It doesn’t have the features of Flock.  I really like all the little features of Flock.


There you have it.  I’ll make myself use Opera 10 for awhile.  I like it, but I don’t think anything will really pull my attentions away from Flock.


Edit: I really like the visual tabs feature of Opera.  This is a really neat feature; as you can see what tabs you have open (ie, what the pages look like).  I’ve also started using the Speed Dial feature, and got rid of my Personal Bar.  This gives me some more room for the browsing window.

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1 thought on “Opera vs Flock”

  1. I’ve never found Opera Widgets as a replacement to Firefox’s add-ons system too. The integration into the browser simply sets them apart!

    Since you’re on Ubuntu, may I suggest that you try the latest Chromium alpha build? It might be faster than Opera 10, from what I’ve felt after using it :)

    They’re available at the following repo:

    deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/chromium-daily/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main

    (For Jaunty Jackalope, others are available too)

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