D’oh! (Also known as importing radio stations to a different music player)

Well, I had a d’oh moment today.  I’ve been trying to figure an easy way to transfer my radio stations from Banshee to Rhythmbox.  I searched in my config files, I looked over the web, I even looked into commands on how to do it.

Until I got a brilliant idea to try: Why not create a playlist of all my internet radio stations, and then export the playlist, then import it to the player I want to use?

I did that, and it worked!  All this time, spent searching for a how-to… It’s that easy.

If you want to do the same, open your media player with your radio stations.  Create a new playlist, highlight all the stations you want to be in the playlist, and save it.  Go up to your menu, click “export” and save to the desktop (good for creating a backup anyway).

Now, go to your other player, click on where you want to put your stations (a radio folder or some such), click on your menus, click “import” and *viola!* you have your radio stations transferred. Awesome!

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