#Followfriday Blog

I’m taking an idea I heard over on Jesse Stay’s blog here.  I’m going to (at least try) to post a blog about people I think you should follow on all my services: twitter, plurk, identi.ca and friendfeed.

Ok, let’s get started.


@bugabundo is an Ubuntu alpha tester.  He is interesting if you’re into what’s going on in Ubuntu development.  Some of his posts are in Portugese, but that doesn’t stop me from following him.  I don’t understand it (ofc) but he’s at least bi-lingual with English.


@afl_com_au is the official AFL (Australian Football League) twitter channel.  If you like Aussie Rules Football, I recommend following them to get the most up-to-date information about players and the Footie scene.  I just started watching AFL games, so this kind of keeps me in the loop.


Plurk is the “social network on a line”.  I follow many of the same people on Plurk as I do on identi.ca and twitter.  One of these people is @speedboy.  He talks about tech (I have a theme here…), sport, his girlfriend… normal stuff.  He’s interesting.  He’s also from Belgium.  He gives an interesting perspective with different things.


Gary Vaynerchuk is someone I think I’ve recommended before, but for twitter.  His friendfeed encompasses all his online stuff… Youtube, blog, etc.  He’s the WineLibrary.tv guru, and he is totally down-to-earth.  He’s also got a lot of energy.  I always feel energized after watching one of his youtube videos!


There you have it.  My #followfriday and reasons behind it!  Enjoy.

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