Remember the Milk

Let’s file all of these “reviews” of programs I use under the “Stuff I Use Everyday” department.

Remember the Milk (RTM) is a handy, online task list that can have recurring tasks.  It integrates nicely with Gmail, twitter and the Gnome desktop (through Tasque or the RTM applet for AWN).

It integrates with Gmail through their Labs setup.  The user enables Labs, goes here, follows the directions, and they have RTM tasks in Gmail.  Brilliant and pretty easy to use.  Make sure you use the https:// version of the url as shown here and you will have RTM in your Gmail.

Twitter implements RTM through direct messages.  Follow the directions here and make sure you follow @rtm so you can receive directs from the RTM bot.  You’re set.  If you have the directs (and a twitter program you use all the time) set up, you won’t ever miss any of your tasks.

As for the Gnome desktop… there’s an Avant Window Navigator (AWN) widget you can use to track your tasks.  This does require you to use Compiz, however, and if your machine doesn’t support Compiz (like my laptop) I’d recommend getting Tasque.  Tasque doesn’t have to connect up to your RTM account, but it is very nice to be able to, as if you run Tasque on many computers, you can have all your tasks synced to RTM so you have the same tasks on all your computers.

This is a really neat way to organise your life.  I’ve only been using it for a month or so, but it can help you keep on task, especially if you adhere to lists.

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2 thoughts on “Remember the Milk”

  1. I’m always fond of task manager tools online and offline, but can’t use them efficiently. The tools that work for me best are still paper and pen, I can concentrate far more better when writing down than looking at the monitor (lots of stuff to distract). Maybe I will get used to them one day.

    1. I’ve found that if I have something bugging me (a DM, an IM, etc), I’ll take care of the task. Paper works well for me too (as long as I’m not near my computer) but paper has a tendency to get lost (I know, I’ve lost plenty of lists).

      Do you use an email program (Thunderbird, Evolution, Outlook)? If your in that all day, then having a task list setup in there might help, especially if you can use reminders to tell you when stuff is due.

      When I was at school, I used a Palm Pilot to track my activities. Besides having my schedule in there, I had my projects and team meetings. It was so handy.


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