Seesmic Desktop

Seesmic Desktop is an awesome desktop twitter and facebook app that lets you mange your “friends” (connections) using lists.  It’s easy to get on all platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac); just make sure you have Adobe Air installed first and go to the website.  Click on “install”, wait, click some “ok”s, and you’re all set.

But now you ask, “What on earth do I do with this?”.  At first, it seems a little redundant (especially if you have Twhirl running).  Well, the list function is a very powerful feature; you can narrow down your twitter feed so you can get more use out of it.  For instance, say you follow @mashable, @cnn, @techcrunch, @nprnews, @lifehacker, and @consumerist; you can easily put those tweeters into a “news” list.  Say you follow your mom, your brother and other members of your family; easily put them into a list called “family”.  See where I’m going with this?

Then, if you want to see only your news sources, click on the “news” list.  Same with all your other lists.  Simple, right?

Don’t forget that you can detatch the different lists and have them all seperate from your home feed.

The other great thing about this is you can group your facebook friends into the same lists.  Awesome!  Now, you can seperate your friends, family, fraternity/sorority brothers/sisters, college buddies, etc all into their seperate lists.

@loic and the team have also implemented direct spam reporting into Seesmic Desktop.  This is an incredible addition to the app… now you don’t need to go to the browser to report spam and spammers.

The SD team is working hard on new features: friendfeed and are next (I think).  I’m really waiting on those two additions, and then I can dump Twhirl for good (right now, I’m using it for

I have SD in my Ubuntu install (both of them) but I’m using Gwibber right now.  That’s another blog post.  :)

But, if you’re looking for a twitter/facebook app, GO GET SD!  It’s awesome (especially on Windows and Mac).  Don’t forget that it’s still in the development stages, so there might be some bugs and crashes, but that’s a chance to take with an awesome app.  I wouldn’t recommend it for Linux users, since they have the totally awesome Gwibber and choqoK.  It can be run in Linux, but you will have to use the rather buggy Adobe AIR base for it (rather, it’s buggy in Linux, not necessarily buggy in general).

Anyway, give it a shot, see if it works for you.  It’s great for me on Windows.

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