On Writing

This is going to be a personal post, so if that sort of thing bores you, feel free to skip.

Anyway, I’d love to write something that makes a difference in someone’s life.  Whether it be a story, a blog post, a book, a tweet, or something else; I just want to write something that makes a difference.  I’m not sure if I’m doing that with this blog; I mean, I haven’t been writing as much recently (also, I’ve been busy).

I’ve got a couple of reviews sitting in my head that need to come out.  I want to write something about Seesmic Desktop (and my adventure getting it working on Ubuntu, although I still use Gwibber most of the time), Flock 2.5, and Wakoopa.

My writing has been rather technical of late… which is fine.  I’ve also been writing over at the linux.com community.  I really should post my Flock tutorial up here.

Well, that’s what’s coming down the chute.  I feel refreshed, getting this thought out of my head.

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