Desk Cleanup

I wanted to clean up my desk.

Not a simple prospect, since I have a lot of stuff on this desk that I need to use.  But, I had a lot of books and other things that I wasn’t using (burned CDs, game CDs, etc) that I needed to clean up.

First, some pictures:

I removed a bunch of books, got rid of the magazines (moved upstairs to my bookshelf), re-organized the CDs into a CD wallet, threw away unused detritus I haven’t touched in six months, threw away booklets to long-lost gadgets that were donated or thrown away or recycled, and put all of my cords in a CD spindle that I cut the center spindle out of.  This is a brilliant way to clean up cords that you don’t use as often as you like.  Saw off that center spindle so you can fit more cords (and wall-warts) into the case, recycle the spindle, and put your cords, wall-warts, and other things in it.  Screw the top on (which was formerly the bottom) and you have a nice, simple box to hold your cords.

Some after pics:

As you can see, I have a slight obsession with penguins.  :)  They were my sorority mascot, and they are the mascot of Linux (Tux) so I generally keep them around my computer.

Anyway, I wanted to share my cleanup with the web.  I promised everyone that follows my twitter/ that I’d post before and after pics.  So, I did.

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