Infotainment Software in Vehicles

From “Automotive Engineering International”, published by SAE International, April 2009 issue:

New consortium focuses on infotainment software (by Terry Costlow)

[…] Consortium members feel that Linux is a solid software base for their adaptable software.  That could mark a turning point for the open-source operating system, which has gotten much interest from the auto industry, but so far seen little in production. […]

Emphasis mine.

This is a brilliant move by automakers.  By reducing their dependence on Microsoft, they can use an open alternative that will fit their needs.  If they don’t like it, their software engineers can edit the code to their liking, something they cannot do with closed-source software.

If people run Linux on their cars, they may see the things it can do.

I saw this in the magazine I picked up at the SAE World Congress and my mouth dropped open.  It is amazing that automakers are considering it.  I’m thinking it would cost less than having software specially written by a software house.  Even though it will be specially written, there will be a base for expansion, and users may also be able to modify the source code for their cars.

This is an exciting development that pulls two of my interests together: cars and Linux.