I got a new PSP game.

Patapon is a PSP rhythm game.  The game is simple enough; you follow the marching and attack drum beats to make your patapons move and attack enemies.  I’m only on the third level, so I don’t have a very comprehensive view of the game, but so far it’s fun.

Summary of the story from wikipedia:

“The Patapon were a flourishing people until they were defeated by the Zigoton Empire. The player takes the role of their god and uses sacred war drums to direct the Patapon tribe to take back their land. As the story progresses, the Patapon also embark on a journey to Earthend to look upon “IT,” a sacred object whose appearance and purpose is unknown to the tribe. The enemy of the Patapon tribe is the evil Zigoton Empire, a powerful tribe of slightly squarish creatures with red-and-black eyes (as opposed to the white-and-black-eyed Patapon) that have oppressed the Patapon since their fall from power. After fighting various battles against the Zigotons, guardian creatures such as dragons, giant worms, golems, and the ultimate evil known as Gorl, the Patapon come to the coast, and see the rising sun, which they assume to be “IT”. However, unfulfilled by the anticlimactic end of their journey, they come to the conclusion that “IT” is, in fact, not the sun and to realize their destiny, they must cross the ocean to the real Earthend and continue their quest. The final scene shows the Patapon and Zigoton tribes working together to build an ark to cross the ocean.”

I quite like this game… It’s different from anything I’ve ever played.

We’ll see how difficult it gets!

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