Who uses Digg?  *show of hands*

Ok.  Who likes the DiggBar?  *not as many show of hands*

Ok… I’m guessing that people don’t like the DiggBar.  I don’t.  I didn’t like the way it took the information from a website and put a bar up at the top of the page so you had to close it to get to the “real” link.  Apparently there are workarounds (Greasemonkey scripts) that take care of the problem, but it shouldn’t be default, if you ask me.

According to Mashable, the DiggBar won’t be a default thing, but I’ve still changed to Mixx.  Mixx doesn’t have as much pull as Digg does.  It’s smaller, but I think that my submissions will get to the front page faster.  (Not that it matters.)  Digg had a bunch of people that could digg sites and get others to digg sites and then get the sites on the front page.  It seemed like the community wasn’t much of a community.

And the “shouts”.  Oh, my gosh, let me tell you… I had over two thousand to delete.  Most were just spammy crap about digging a site for somebody, not a shout to say hi, which is what I think the shout system should be used for.

Mixx has much more community.  I don’t have any “friends” on there right now, but I have joined a couple of groups.

There’s a strong Linux users community there, and I’ve found several cool blogs via Mixx.  I’m staying and I’ll keep submitting stuff there.

Take a look at my profile if you want.  If it looks like a place you want to join, feel free!

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