Kubuntu Jaunty on the Desktop

I’ve taken the plunge.

After running KDE 4.x on my laptop and not having any success (Mandriva, etc), I vowed I’d never use KDE again.

Well, here I am, using KDE on the desktop.

I’ve decided to try out Kubuntu (again) on the desktop.  It’s much nicer than I anticipated, with only a couple of hiccups (I’m using the Jaunty beta, so that’s understandable).

New things:

  • Quassel IRC is default for the IRC client for Kubuntu.  It’s pretty nice, but seems a little stripped down for my taste, as I’m used to Xchat.
  • choqoK is a new Twitter/identi.ca client for KDE.  It’s not default in Kubuntu, but it’s really nice.  If it’s expanded to include more services (jaiku, plurk, etc) it might give gwibber a run for it’s money.
  • KPackageKit is the package manager.  This is so much better than Adept, it’s not even funny.  Adept seemed clunky (one of the reasons I never really used Kubuntu happily) and kind of “unrefined”.
  • KDE4.  KDE4 is now actually usable.  Wow.  It’s moved to the 4.2-ish build… MUCH more stable.  I can use the Plasma widgets now without my whole computer crashing.
  • Amarok is still the default music manager, but it’s newer and more shiny.  It’s actually pretty good.  There are a couple new things added to this program; mainly widgets.  You can add lyrics, details about the album your listening to and the like to the window.  This is a very cool addition.
  • Kopete.  I’m using Kopete more and it’s quite good and up to the task.

Things that don’t work:

  • Gwibber , but I have that choqoK program working pretty well.
  • Pidgin doesn’t integrate with the Knotify notification system.  This is not a big deal, but I like the fit and finish of having all of your programs integrated.

I have a blue theme going on… simple and clean (I need that… easy on the eyes).  The below screenshot shows the Desktop Folder widget, the sticky notes widget, and the weather widget.  It also shows the choqoK program.

All-in-all, most of my software works with this release.  I”m waiting on the edge of my seat for the new stable version.

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3 thoughts on “Kubuntu Jaunty on the Desktop”

  1. I never get beyond 2 months of KDE4 usage. Something nasty and irritating comes up and spoils the experience, always. Yet, with each incremental upgrade I go back to it after a stint with GNOME, it’s too attractive :(

  2. You are going to be so sorry that you didn’t wait for 4.3 since I’m not going to review it and My review is what makes it really worth it! Glad you liked it hope the stable version treats you well.

  3. @Harsh: KDE is pretty… I’m convinced it’s finally become stable enough at the 4.x series to be used by a regular person. Something I never really understood about KDE is that they broke a bunch of stuff with the upgrade. Gnome doesn’t seem to do that.

    @Skreech: :) Your review will be anticipated. I like reading reviews of software I use or am going to try. What do you think about the new Kubuntu? I do like it… Just a couple programs I wish would work but that’s not a big deal.

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