Sony Walkman

No, not the cassette version, but I had one of those for a long time… I finally had to retire it, as the radio didn’t work anymore, and the cassette motor burned out.  Poor walkman…

Some background:

I was getting sick of my Sansa View (If you recall, I talked about it here).  It was freezing on shuffle (a regular problem, not being fixed by any sort of firmware; see here and here).  I’d have issues with it connecting as a USB device so I could transfer music to it.  I decided to get this


It’s easy to use… It was detected by Songbird in Windows… I have yet to muck about with it in Ubuntu yet.  It uses MTP, so I should be able to install some stuff and it should work.  A report will forthcoming.

The radio is also much better on this than it ever was on the View.  I get stations I never could dream of getting on the View.

A very simple interface (just what I want), a good radio, lightweight, fast and good case design… It’s a recommend, but we’ll see after a year and a couple firmware updates…

Edit: Drag ‘n drop works with this player in Linux by opening the player in Nautilus and dragging what you want to it. It doesn’t work in amaroK, Rhythmbox or Banshee right now.

Edit 2: Works with Rhythmbox… I had to add an empty file named “.is_audio_player” to the root directory of the player. This makes the player all sorts of awesome.

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