Another Ubuntu Update

Ubuntu is pushing out the updates quickly for its new Jaunty Jackalope release.  I’m getting over 200 updates as we speak!

It seems like Ubuntu keeps gaining ground, and is very responsive to its users.  I can cite the forums and the irc networks (irc.freenode,net; #ubuntu, #ubuntu-bugs, etc; see here) as a great source of information and help.

Ubuntu is perfect for me.  I browse the web, create documents, write blog posts, track things (wakoopa, Linux-version; you need to sign up), microblog, etc.  I only have a few issues with some things on this laptop, and it’s all hardware related, not software:

  • Sound; if I have the “external amplifier” checked, I don’t get any sound.
  • Resolution; most distros don’t correctly detect my screen resolution (1280×768).  I’ve modified my xorg.conf to take care of the problem.  I even have the xorg saved on my flash drive!
  • Wireless; not a problem now that I have my ASUS wireless card with the RaLink chipset.  The internal one is a broadcomm and it’s crappy.

Most of my favorite programs have Ubuntu/Linux versions: Flock, Firefox, Xchat, Songbird, Pidgin, etc.  But there’s a whole slew of software out there that is Linux-only: Specto, Gwibber, Banshee (well, this is for Mac too…), Brasero, Rhythmbox, Amarok, etc.

Once you switch, you have a hard time going back.  I always have a hard time dealing with Windows and its stupid issues.

But, anyway, the Jaunty release is shaping up to be an awesome release.  Some of the reviews are a little less than stellar, but sometimes a new release is just a bug-fixer.  I’m fine with that, as long as the devs don’t remove any functionality from the OS in the new version.

If you upgrade or switch, enjoy your new OS.  Enjoy freedom.  Enjoy the ease of use.

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