Wakoopa (and software I’ve discovered)

I’ve started trying out Wakoopa on Ubuntu.  I have it on my laptop, and I should install it for my desktop (as it’s been getting more use as of late).  I’d also like to install it on Windows (I still have a partition on the desktop) and see what it comes up with.

It’s interesting to see what other people are using.  I’ve discovered a new program through it already: Miro.  I can use Miro to download podcasts and watch them… Yes, I use it for video podcasts.  It automatically downloads new episodes, and will delete the old ones after 5 days.  This, on its own, is perfect.  I had a problem with RSS feeds in Flock geting cluttered and staying in my history.  Hence why going to Google Reader (among a multitude of other reasons).

The Linux version of Wakoopa is beta right now and is walled-off from the other part of the website.  Go here to try out the Linux version.

I’m gamerchick02 under both “versions” of the site.  Feel free to add me if you sign up!

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2 thoughts on “Wakoopa (and software I’ve discovered)”

  1. Thanks for the review Amy. We are also excited about the new Linux tracker and hope we can release it in public soon!

  2. @Wouter: You’re welcome! Glad to provide reviews of good software. I like the Linux tracker so far. I’d really like the ability to merge my activity between the Linux tracker and the Windows/Mac tracker though. I run Windows on my desktop (part of the time) and would like it to show all of the programs I use between computers and desktops.

    Keep up the good work!!

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