Too Much Lifestreaming!!


I just found yet another lifestreaming site: Soup.

Ok. Let me count the different ones:

  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Friendfeed
  • Twitblog (like Tumblr, but using your twitter username and password)
  • Twitter/ (in conjunction with twitterfeed can “lifestream” your blog posts and other activity)
  • Posterous
  • Soup
  • Others?

This is probably just a small amount of them, but there seems to be a glut of them as of late.

I don’t have time to try them all out, so I’m sticking with the ones that I have (Twitter/, Friendfeed, Tumblr and Facebook [although I don’t use Facebook for lifstreaming]).  I can’t keep up with so many profiles.

What does everyone think?  Are there too many lifestreaming webapps?

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5 thoughts on “Too Much Lifestreaming!!”

  1. There are more than I will ever get the chance to try out. I no longer feel the need to rush out and sign up for an account. More so this glut of platforms make them more responsible for providing more features and explaining how they are different or do something better.

    The ones I am active in I have found a unique use for and have become active in the community there. If the community is open and growing there is always room to give it a try.

  2. @BootedEagle: Good point. I like Plurk because of it’s horizontal concept and ease of tracking of responses to posts. I really like that.

    @Rob Jenson: Totally agree… I love trying out a new platform, but I will try it out and then tend to stick with what I already have. Much of it is experimental.

    I have started using Friendfeed more, but I really wish it was integrated into a client (gwibber) so I could track responses to posts and friends posts.

    I use Tumblr for simple posts (lolcats, pictures, funny videos, quotes, etc) and this blog for longer stuff that has discussion associated with it. Good separation, I think.

  3. I think it really depends on how different they are. If you look at it like a market, then too many lifestreaming services could over-saturate it. Maybe it’s actually too early to tell, though. With time the number of services out there could lessen, revealing just the heavyweights that are actually worth sinking time into.

    Then again, I’m only now figuring out exactly what lifestreaming is. Having this many choices actually makes it somewhat daunting to the uninitiated.

  4. @Andrew: You are definitely correct about lifestreaming… there are a ton of apps out there that do pretty much the same thing, if you get down to it and it is daunting. I guess what you have to do is try a couple different services (I did this with reddit and mixx) and find out what works (I ultimately went back to digg because it was built into Flock).

    I think the heavyweights are Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, and Tumblr. If I had to go with just the main sites, I’d pick those.

    I prefer to Twitter any day. :)

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