I tried a “new” firefox extension.  I think it’s been around for awhile, but it’s new to me.


Now, this extension is an addon that combines all your favorite social media together into Firefox: Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, Y! Mail, digg, Google Reader, etc, etc.  This addon tries to add everything that Flock has.

It does a good job with things:

  • Twitter updates
  • Gmail updates
  • Google Reader
  • Friendfeed
  • Facebook
  • Myspace

But, I have a couple of things I don’t like about it…  Like the advertisement that sits in the bottom right corner.  Sometimes that ad is blocked by my flash blocker, but much of the time, it isn’t.  That bothers me.  The pop-ups bother me as well.  It has a notification pop-up that, while handy, has the potential to be annoying.  The good thing they do with it is the pop-ups is that they combine ALL of the notifications into one pop-up with little arrows on it so you can cycle through the notifications in one pop-up so your screen doesn’t get covered with pop-ups.  Very handy, and I wish Gwibber would implement that.

Try it out here and see what you think about it.

I’m going back to Flock for my browsing needs.  Firefox does a lot, but Flock does some things better.  I need to keep Firefox around in case some flash stuff doesn’t work with Flock (although I’ve copied all the files I need over to the Flock folder, so it should work).

I guess I really like having a separate program for all the microblogging stuff (Gwibber).  It makes things easier for me to deal with.  Sometimes the browser shouldn’t be a “swiss army knife” for your internet browsing.

I won’t be using Yoono anytime soon on my Ubuntu boxes, but I might use it on my Windows partitions.  I’ll most likely just use Flock, as it has all of the functionality of Yoono.

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6 thoughts on “Yoono”

  1. One thing that Yoono has over Flock is that the Friends widget in Yoono incorporates IM accounts (e.g. GoogleTalk, AIM, Yahoo!Messenger) *and* Flock’s People sidebar does not.

  2. I agree with you there.

    But I use Pidgin for IM, so that’s not really a huge deal for me. I think IM is best achieved outside of the browser… Don’t know why, just do…

  3. Hi Amy,

    Nice post! I just wanted to say hello; I think we talked a few times on Flock’s IRC. I used to be engineer at Flock, but now I’m at Yoono working mostly on the friends widget.

    So if you try Yoono again later and have more suggestions or remarks, don’t hesitate to reach me!

  4. @Erwin: The friends widget is very nice in both Yoono and Flock.

    Are there any plans to incorporate Identi.ca into Yoono? That would be the thing that brings me back to Firefox (on Windows at least). I haven’t found a halfway decent program that covers all of my microblogging stuff (on Windows). I use Gwibber on Ubuntu and I love it… identi.ca, digg, facebook, and twitter are all incorporated. We just need Friendfeed now.

    That’s what Yoono has that Gwibber doesn’t… Friendfeed support. I like having Friendfeed to pull together all of what people are doing, but I really haven’t figured out to use it effectively other than to stream everything that I’m doing to the service. I’m not sure about the following aspect of it… I follow most of the people on twitter/identica/plurk.

    Anyway, I’m getting off track…

    Thanks for the comment! I will give Yoono another shot… probably under Windows. :)


  5. Hello Amy. Thanks for chatting about Yoono and I love the feedback. I’ll keep an eye on your Twitter stream and blog in the future.

    Adam Jackson
    Yoono Evangelist.

  6. @Adam: I’m glad I can offer feedback about programs I like and use, or don’t like. :)

    Thanks for the watch. I will give Yoono another shot in a few weeks and see what happens!

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