I’ve been using Specto, a notifier for the Gnome desktop.  (Sorry, Windows users… this is Linux only!)

I originally had the 0.2 version, the one in the Ubuntu repositories.  It had support for gmaill accounts (woohoo), POP and IMAP email accounts, individual websites, network folders, ports and other system information.  It was very stable and easy to use.  It was easy to add notifications and easy to modifiy them.

The new version 0.3 (RC1) has more stuff built into it: Facebook, RSS feeds and Google Reader, as well as all the original services.  I use Google Reader, so I found this a welcome addition to the program.  I also use the Facebook addition… It works really well.

I actually prefer to have a separate program to handle my email notifications.  By installing this program, I’ve eliminated the mail check in Pidgin as well as eliminated the G-Reader Watcher addon in Flock and Firefox.  This makes the footprint of both of those programs smaller.  I don’t know if it saves any RAM or not, but it seems to improve the speed of my laptop and my desktop.

Anyway, if you’re running Ubuntu, grab this program and try it out.  It’s easy to use… Like they say on the website:

  1. Add a watch
  2. Forget it
  3. Be notified
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