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Job searching is a pain.  I shouldn’t really think of it as such, but would it kill someone to call me back?  I don’t want to be perceived as desperate, but the whole thing drives me nuts.

What I don’t like are the double standards.  I MUST respond right away to a posting, phone call, or email; while the employers don’t have to.  They seem to ignore me most of the time, even though I’ve called and emailed them.

There is no sense of urgency.

I understand that it’s an employer’s market out there, but would it kill the employers to have some common decency and call when the candidate is not wanted?  Even one of those “Your skills don’t match with the job requirements, but we are keeping your information on hand for the next 90 days” emails would be preferred to being left out in the dark.

I’m just frustrated.

Oh well.  I’ve applied for another 10 or so jobs today.

Ah, and an aside to what I’ve been talking about…  If you follow me on twitter/identica/plurk you will already know this, but I found a new site: JobFox.

You fill out a profile with your resume information and your skills (some are a little buzz-word like) and then start applying for jobs.  Companies post requirements up there and all you have to do is click on the “Apply” button.  Makes things much easier than going to individual companies sites and creating yet. another. profile.  I have so many profiles out there, I don’t even know what ones are active, dead or still coming up in searches.

Anyway, complete the touchy-feely “work type” quiz and your profile will be complete.  Apparently, I’m an Individualist-Transactor.  Kind of meaningless, but it gets your profile to 100%.  *shrug*

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6 thoughts on “Job Searching…”

  1. I have had my profile on Jobfox for over a year and have never had any employer look at my trackable resume. I am a 5-star match for 20 jobs right now. I tried to join for $30 to have my Intros but when I did that I never got anything either despite the Jobfox promise that I would. I have de-activated my profile. It’s a stupid product.

  2. Well, I’m not having luck, per se, but I’m not paying for it either. I wish I was a 5-star match, but the best I can do is 2.5. I don’t have a ton of experience, and all they want is experience in my field. How can one get experience if one is unemployed? Catch-22.

    Anyway, I’m not paying for the service. Paying for something that *might* give me an advantage is (IMHO) a waste of time. I’m not paying for it unless it’s a guarantee of callback. Sorry, but $$ is too tight to spend lavishly on something that may or may not work…

    Sorry that it didn’t work for you. I think it works for some people better than others. I don’t know. Have you tried linkedin? I’ve gotten some callbacks from jobs I’ve applied to there.


  3. Amy,
    The fact is that Jobfox doesn’t have very many jobs to post which is why you are not getting any matches above 2.5. Also, Jobfox tries to only attract companies that will post higher paying jobs so they can (you guessed it) charge more per hire. Therein lies the problem: they aren’t getting any new employer contracts so they are having to charge seekers for advantage services that probably aren’t very advantageous. Do you know of anyone that has gotten a job via Jobfox? The truth, too, is that online job boards aren’t doing well at all. I just get so frustrated that because they are lacking in revenue they turn to seekers to pay for services. It’s crazy to me.

    The good news for you is that there is probably a better chance at finding an entry level job in this market.
    Good luck!

  4. Most people get jobs through their friends and other contacts.

    I do not know of anyone who has gotten a job through a board. There are a couple that talk about Monster, but all I get from them is spam. Nasty spam, at that.

    I think there are seekers that are so desperate that they will pay for anything that “helps” them get a job. I’m not that desperate (yet!) so I’m not going to pay. I’ve lowered my expectations for salary (but still I quote more than I got from my last contract house) to less than 35k.

    It’s sad… I made less than a starting high school teacher last year, and I have an engineering degree.

    Like I said in my previous comment, even “entry level” jobs (if you can even FIND any) want 2-6 years of experience. I find nothing in my salary range (lowered to 30k-40k from 40k-45k). Nothing. Most salary ranges I see for mechanical engineers are upwards of 50k and many are 75k+.

    Besides temping (which I don’t really want to do) how the heck do I get a decent paying job in engineering? I didn’t think I needed to take an unpaid internship, but I do have co-op experience, which, apparently, doesn’t mean crap. Also, one year of experience doesn’t seem to mean crap.

    I’m just as frustrated as you. I’m almost 30 and have minimal engineering experience. Sad, huh?


  5. Some of my frustrations with job search sites are: 1. lack of quality searches, both with manual searches and with those based on your uploaded resume. 2. Follow up (like you mentioned). 3. dated job listings (i.e. jobs that are no longer available are still shown in search results).

  6. @Eric: I agree with you on all of those points.

    The searches are usually crap, although I think LinkedIn has the best search of all of them. I hate the dated job listings. That really bothers me… If it’s already been filled, it should be removed.

    Although, it’s a job giver’s market. They can pretty much do anything to you and make you do anything to get a job.

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