New OpenID, etc


I’ve moved all my OpenID stuff over to…  Since I’m moving to wordpress, I figure I should move my OpenID to something else.

I think I have everything situated over here:

  1. Theme? Check.
  2. Widgets? Check.
  3. Advertising the blog? Check. (I just sent something out to all my social networking sites)
  4. Set up OpenID to get away from Livejournal? Check
  5. Set up twitterfeed to feed my posts to twitter/identica? Check

I think I’m pretty much done with the setup.  I’m happy with the way this looks now.

Also, another big factor to me moving has to do with the fact that doesn’t add any advertisements into your journal via an ad-bar or something.  That was starting to irritiate me with LJ, and that’s the reason I paid for it.

Now, I have 3 months left on it, and I’m leaving.  The whole myspace-y thing they’re trying to do is a little bothersome.

I will miss the communities and being able to “friends only” protect things.  Oh well.  WordPress seems to have a password protect for something you want to keep away from the public.  I hope not to use it, but if I have to (and you are a “friend” on Livejournal) I’ve posted the password up there.  In a friends only post, of course.  :)

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