New to WordPress

I’ve been a blogger for awhile now, and I’ve had a Livejournal since February 2004.

This blog is a mish-mash of my thoughts, my ramblings, my ideas and my rants.

I’ve converted to wordpress after hearing rumblings over at Livejournal this month.  Apparently, they’re reducing staff.  I’m also somewhat unhappy with the way they’ve converted the service into a myspace-like social network.  I liked the social networking aspect of it (I could make some posts friends-only and the communities).  But, and here’s the big one, not everyone needs that type of network.

I guess here on wordpress,  you can set some posts to “password protected”.  I might use this feature, but I’m not sure.

I’m excited to have a blog over here.  Now I just need to get my tags situated, as WordPress does not pull in tags from Livejournal.  Oh well.  Gives me a chance to figure out what I really want to keep.

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