Twitter Spam

I hate spam. More-so, Twitter spam.

Basically, twitter spam when people follow you with a useless link that goes to a marketing website, dating site, or worse, porn.

I got this from twitter in my email:

Twitter is working on new approaches to handling spam. If you’re writing in because your account was suspended, please send a new request to this address:

If you’re reporting spam, thanks! In the future, please report spam directly from your Twitter account by following our Spam profile:

and sending us a direct message with the user name of the spammer, and we’ll take care of it. No need to send one per message– you can send as many spam user names as will fit in one direct message. Once you follow @spam, you can send a direct message right from your home page in the “What are you doing” box, like this:

d spam @carsnow @junkride @pleatherdice are spam accounts

Thanks! Twitter Support Team

If anyone is on twitter and they’re getting spam, try this method.

Twitter has been trying very hard to curb the spam problem. The users are vocal about having their friend-space violated by people who have no reason to follow other than to get a boatload of followers and then spew their sponsored links to as many people as they can.