I got a PSP!

Well, maybe not the smartest purchase I’ve made recently, but I do love it.

I got the silver one (as you can see) and it came with the following game:

This game is FUN.  It’s insane.

I got the bundle.  Came with the game, the system, National Treasure 2 and a gig UMD stick.  I also picked up FIFA09.  While fun, it’s kinda difficult.  I’m thinking about a hockey game for my next purchase.  I’m going to see if I can get it used.  Used games are usually cheaper than the new ones… and I’m not too picky.  I prefer used systems to new, but sometimes you can’t go wrong with a system kit for $200.

Seriously.  Now is the perfect time to pick up a PSP if you want it.  There are 2 packs out: the Ratchet and Clank one and a Madden 2009.  If you’re into football, that one is blue.  I almost got that one, but they didn’t have it at Walmart (I had a $50 giftcard; thank you GM Car Group).

Anyway, I really like this system.  But don’t think I’m giving up my DS.  Oh no.  The DS is still very close to my heart.  I love my DS.  It’s perfect for gaming on the go, with a range of titles that can be played for a short while.  Perfect for waiting in line (remnd me to have that thing with me when I go to the DMV or unemplyment office!).

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4 thoughts on “PSP”

  1. You could always hack your PSP, and buy a cart for your DS, then just download your games ;-)

    Good purchase btw. Gotta love the PSP. It’s far more versatile than the DS.

  2. I do like it. But, there are like 5 soccer games for it! Wow. I was looking for a hockey game the other day. I want portable hockey.

    Do you have any game recs?


  3. I don’t see I it isn’t a wise purchase, once you unlock this beauty you have the best portable game engine ever, lots of emulators and really good custom software, the only thing I miss on my psp(s) is a good keyboard, everything else is really good.

    I should recommend at least two great games: patapon which and god of war chains of olympus. There are other great games like wipeout pulse.
    I don’t know which kind of games you like but those certainly are worth a try.

  4. Thank you! I think I might pick up God of War. I heard really good things about it.

    I love puzzlers, RPG, sport, and some racing games.

    I’m willing to try almost anything once. I have Tony Hawk Project 8 (I’m a sucker for TH games), Ratchet and Clank (the one mentioned above) and FIFA 09. All good games.


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