Lovin’ it…

McDonald’s commercials aside, I’m totally loving Mandriva.  I like KDE4’s seamless integration of many apps, and the way it looks.  Mandriva does a good job of using KDE4 to it’s advantage.  KDE3.5 was good, but this seems better.

Oxygen seems to be nice and smooth.  Unfortunately, I can’t use all of the fancy-dancey transparency and 3D stuff.  Either way, it works well.

It’s actually faster than Windows XP on this computer.  It’s much faster than OpenSuse Gnome.  I don’t know if it was Gnome in that instance, or OpenSuse, but either way, Mandriva is faster.

I’m getting some games right now.  I’m hoping that they run well.

Wireless seems to be easy to configure.  Wireless under Linux still has its issues, but it seems to have improved (especially since I got the Asus RaLink card) with the new kernels and whatnot.

I have the Unichrome drivers running well.  I don’t think they run in Gnome as well as KDE (but that was found for Mandriva… might be different for a different distro, YMMV).

For basic browsing, this laptop is a good one.  It’s not so good for gaming or other graphics-intensive things (Compiz, anyone?) but writing, blogging, browsing and ‘net video (as well as music, although the speakers aren’t top-notch) seem to shine on this laptop.  The only think I wish I had was a longer battery life.

Speaking of battery life… I seem to have less hard drive spinup under Mandriva than under OpenSuse or even Windows XP.  I think that adds a little to the battery time.  Also, it runs significantly cooler using Mandriva than either Windows or OpenSuse.  I can actually have the thing on my lap for longer than an hour (ie, plugged in) and I won’t get super hot with it.

I think I’ve found a winner with this distro on this laptop.  I’ve finally got stuff running well on it and it’s easy to use.

2 thoughts on “Lovin’ it…”

  1. So how long before you move on to another distro? ;)
    I’ve heard a lot of people having problems with KDE 4. Hopefully it keeps getting better. I’ve always liked KDE. Knoppix was my first distro.

  2. I see some memory leaks. Like if I leave the computer on for a long time and it’s idle, I notice that it is really slow on restart. But, if I run it for awhile and keep running it, it seems to chug along just fine.

    I think I’m going to keep Mandriva around. I like it. It has everything I need. I won’t be switching for awhile.


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