Online Habits

Does everyone who read this blog have online habits?  I’ve found I do.  In a typical session I usually do the following

  1. Open up gmail and check my email
  2. Respond to email
  3. Check RSS feeds
  4. Check twitter/identica/plurk
  5. Open up Slashdot and see if there’s anything new there (I don’t RSS it for a reason)
  6. Check Google News, if I haven’t had enough news for the day
  7. Recheck twitter/identica/plurk
  8. Read LJ
  9. Read dA
  10. Read fanfic (if there’s any new)
  11. Fiddle
  12. Repeat

I seem to do pretty much steps 1-4 every time I open a browser.

I don’t RSS slashdot because I have plenty of other RSS feeds to worry about, and I don’t really need slashdot and its 40 stories a day.  Heh.

Oh. And Consumerist. Damn, that site can really make you waste loads of time. And Lifehacker. *sigh* Maybe I should have my blogs turned off or something. I’m a blog-a-holic!  LOL.

We all fall into a rut, whether it’s online or in our life.  I don’t particularly mind a rut (as it’s comfortable) but sometimes it’s nice to “shake things up” so-to-speak.  I’ll interdisperse all of this other browsing for things sometimes with youtube time-wasting or whatever.

I’ve been getting better at leaving the computer alone.  When I have time, I’d sometimes almost rather do other things, but I have a lot of people I chat with on the computer.  It’s fun to talk to people from all over the world.

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5 thoughts on “Online Habits”

  1. Firstly, I like how you replaced Comments with “Penny for your thoughts” xD

    Yeah, I do find it funny how we have online habbits. Opening a browser is just as habitual as walking in your front door when you get home from work – drop the keys in a certain place, put your jacket somewhere and put the kettle on :P

    I tend to read my new emails (Flock does the checking for me), check my forums for new responses and new posts, check for replies, browse the latest Diggs under ‘Technology’, then get on with whatever it was that I opened the browser for >:P

  2. Yes, I have on-line habits. I find I do almost the same thing every time I log in; check twitter and plurk, update Homeworld, Mob Wars and Space raiders on Facebook, check to see who read my blog, see what’s happening in my son’s life, and at some point check my e-mail. The web has become my window into the world of my friends, and more importantly my son. Currently Facebook has been my primary focus because I enjoy the interaction from the international audience but I’m starting to explore twitter and plurk; they seem to be a much more interesting and personal insight into someone’s day-to-day life. It’s intriguing…

  3. Let’s see here…

    1) Open gPodder and download any new podcasts.
    2) Switch to desktop 2 and check my email in Evolution
    3) Switch back to desktop one and open Empathy and Twitux to check my Twitter and messages.
    4) Open IceCat to check Bloglines
    5) Check DeviantArt
    6) Check FurAffinity
    7) Check MySpace
    8) Check MyFursona
    9) Check Livejournal
    10) Play some games on Neopets
    11) Go off to write, draw, or play games.
    12) Repeat various tasks at random intervals.

  4. well, lets see, first thing in the morning:

    1. email, ignore as much of it as I can get away with (most of it) and respond to the rest
    2. Log on WoW and check the guild bank for thieves (…sigh…) and boot them when nobody else is on, and do a few other things if I need to (takes about 5min usually)
    3. start up any work I have planned for the day
    4. hit my news site (bannination if anyone cares)
    5. check Fraternity forums and LJ, generally at the same time. Both are low-traffic for me.
    6. read bN until my eyes bleed, or do research into WoW stuff that I want to do when I am not doing more important stuff.

  5. I like the way you can customize LJ. That and the community stuff.

    I find it funny too. I do a lot online (as you can tell), but I do most of that every time I open a browser. It’s uncanny.


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