eeePCs at Target. TARGET of all places, selling LINUX-based eeePCs.  How freaking cool is that?

It means I don’t have to try to buy it at Best Buy where they only have the goddamned Windows ones (that cost a shit ton, BTW).

It’s just so cool to see the eeePC at a place like Target.  This might get more people to actually use Linux and see that it’s a decent alternative to Windows, especially in certain circumstances.

As an internet appliance, the eeePC is perfect.  I’m sure you can listen to your fav radio feeds (folkalley, anyone?) and whatnot.

I’m totally geeked about this.  I just might pick one up later in the year, or next year.  Good for quick posts and browsing.  It doesn’t use a lot of power either, so it fits with my green computing.

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6 thoughts on “eeePC”

  1. Are you going to get one? It’s not practical as a main computer, but if you’re on the go, it would be awesome.


  2. I know the brand new Target in the Fort Smith Pavilion (Fort Smith, AR) has them. To sweeten the deal, they only model they carry is the Linux version.

  3. Same here. I’m thinking that having Linux on that little laptop will help get Linux “out there”. You know?

    They’re cool. I read your post about yours. Now I want one more than ever!! :)


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