I think I’ve discovered something.


Think about that for a few minutes.  What does it meant to you?

Does it mean:

  • clean water and air?
  • using reusable bags at the grocery store?
  • downsizing your car so you use less gasoline?
  • driving less?
  • using public transport?
  • refurbing a computer so you don’t have to buy a new one?
  • reusing things?
  • recycling?

It means all of those things to me.  It means reducing my carbon footprint by carpooling with my family when we go somewhere (instead of meeting there).  It means that I collect my trips together so I use less gas.  It means I shut off my computers at night.  It means I turn down the heat in the winter and the temperature up on the air conditioner in the summer.  It means using an electric mower.  It also means recycling everything I can.

I’ve found a political party that fits with what I believe.  I once thought third parties existed to “steal” votes from the main two parties.

The more I think, I see that the two-party system is not working.  I notice that we’re not yet out of Iraq, we’ve got record high fuel prices, no public transport in my hometown, we’ve got record unemployment, etc.  We need a change.

Something different.  Something Green.  That’s why I won’t be supporting Obama or McCain for president.  I’ll be supporting McKinney/Clemonte for president and vice-president this year.

If you want change in our political system, vote real change.  Vote third party.

2 thoughts on “I think I’ve discovered something.”

  1. Sadly, the green party doesn’t seem to know that much about science or about economics. The more I think about it, the more I realize that a Government is little more then a bearer of force in place to enforce the rules of an economic system and little more.

    Bob Barr will still never have my vote, because he refuses to actually run when nominated. He doesn’t campaign, and he barely believes in his party’s ideals.

    We really need someone in office that understands Economics. I don’t clam to know that much (I really don’t compared to the real economists) but I’d like someone who is willing to sit there and crunch the numbers and determine what effects their policies will have BEFORE they are implemented, or at least hire people that do.

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