Or not to Chumby?  That is the question.

Well… I’ve fallen in like/love with this:

It’s called a Chumby and it is an alarm clock, a radio, a podcaster, a gaming machine, an email checker… and it’s cute!  I don’t really "need" anything like this, but my old alarm clock is getting old.  I think if I move away from home (again), I’m definitely going to get one of these things so I can have it in my bedroom.

It doesn’t run on batteries, but that’s ok.  My normal clock plugs into the wall as well.  But my normal clock has a battery backup… I guess since this thing syncs with the web, it’ll hold all your informaiton in an account, then refresh that account (much like an iGoogle page).  Matter-of-fact, that’s what this reminds me of… an iGoogle page that you can have next to your bed.  I might just have to check this out…