Twitter and are like IRC

No, really.

I’ve found that twitter and operate similarly to irc.

Hear me out.  Irc is a group of people in a “room” talking to each other about one (or multiple) topics.  Twitter/ is a group of people talking to each other about many different topics.  The only difference between the two is that irc happens in real time, and twitter/ happens in sort of real time; much like a BBS or a message board.

Only there are no topics.  No folders to hold different conversations.  It’s like a web 2.0 message board with tags to organize what’s going on (on anyway).

What does everyone else think of this?  Try it out (either twitter or and tell me what you think.

I recommend because the conversations are more intelligent (it seems).  Creativegeek, don’t get mad at me!  :)

Now, I’m off for some more reading, and maybe some Guitar Hero on Tour.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter and are like IRC”

  1. I would argue that the major difference is that on IRC you join a channel (nominally a topic, but conversations are often off-topic) and listen to anybody who “walks in the room”, but with micro-blogging you listen to people. The advantage to this is that you will always hear what the people you like have to say. The disadvantage is that you sometimes see just half of a conversation, and it’s harder to meet new people in micro-blogging than on IRC. Not that it’s actually difficult…

  2. Very good points. I didn’t really think of that.

    Anyway, I like being able to “listen” to people.

    I agree with your “half of a conversation” bit… I’ve ended up missing replies because they didn’t show up on my main page in either Twitter or

    Harder to meet people? I know know about that. I’ve been following the people who follow me and it’s neat to see what they have to say. I really like this microblogging thing, and I think I will be sticking with it for awhile.


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