I just started using Digsby for Windows.

It’s a messaging program similar to Pidgin, Trillian, Miranda or Kopete.  The only difference is that it’s closed source (from what I see, but then again, Trillian is too).

It has some neat additions, namely Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and various email updates.  I find it easy to use with many of the same things I love about Pidgin and Kopete: tabbed windows, toaster popups, email notification, multiple chat systems, buddy icons and the ability to combine people together that are the same person but have different usernames on different IM systems.

It’s very easy to set up.  Download the client, install, and enter in your chat names and passwords, and you’re off!  Your list is populated automatically and you can begin to merge your contacts together by just dragging contacts and dropping them onto other contacts.  Simple.

Add your twitter and email information, and you have a built-in notifier.  This is particuarly handy if you don’t have your browser open or something and are waiting for an email.  It will pop up with a twitter or email notification and you can click on it to go right to the message.  Again, simple!

Try it out.  If you have qualms about using propriatary software, then it may be an issue for you (but then again, you couldn’t use it anyway as it runs on Windows) but other than that, it has a lot of potential.  Also, it’s still in beta, which means things may be a little rocky for starters.  Personally, I haven’t had any issues with it so far, but I’ve only been running it for two days.  We’ll see how it works and if it has other issues.

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