I never thought I’d say this.

I hate the telephone.

In the course of me being home for the past week, we’ve had the phone ring many times.  We’ve had people call about Nile, about Stars, about offers for crap, about lunches, about travel plans, about my brother, and about bread (wrong number).

It seems every time I started something, the damned phone would ring.  See, if I was expecting a call, I would be looking forward to the phone ringing.  Now, it just drives me insane.  I listen to it all the damn time at work.  Buzzes, beeps, mobile ringtones, music and ding-dongs.


Sorry for the rant.

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2 thoughts on “Telephone”

  1. telemarketers are at least easy to mess with. One of them called a couple weeks ago at 8:30, and when he didn’t answer the first time I said “Hello”, I decided to go Mama Bear on him and shout something like “YOU BETTER HAVE A GOOD REASON FOR CALLING AT THIS HOUR YOU JUST WOKE UP AN ANGRY TODDLER” or something.


  2. :) You make me smile.

    Yes, telemarketers are fun to mess with, but I signed us up for the do not call list. :)

    It’s the other people that feel they have the need to call us all the time. I dread hearing the sound of the telephone. Maybe it’s because I’m in an office all day and hear the ringing telephones all around me (Ack, they’re coming to get meeeee!!!). I just have been seething every time the phone rings around here. Silly, stupid reaction.



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