Flock 2.0 beta (one)

I’ve been using Flock forever (as many of you know).

The Flock Team has always put together a rock-solid browser based on the Firefox code-base with add-ons to make your “social browsing” experience all the more rich.

When I started out using this browser, the services that were included were blogs (livejournal, blogger, etc), Flickr, Photobucket, del.icio.us and magnolia.  It’s expanded to include webmail, piczo, youtube, pownce, twitter and facebook.  All of these services are integrated into the way Flock works.

Right now, I’m using del.icio.us, livejournal, gmail, yahoo mail, photobucket, twitter, facebook, digg and pownce.  Now, don’t forget; the more things you have running, the slower the browser is going to be.  It’s the same way with Firefox; if you have many extensions, your memory footprint will be much larger than if you’re running a bare-bones browser.

As for addons, I have adblock plus (essential, IMHO), flashblock (again, another essential), google reader watcher (follows all my RSS feeds), and FireGPG.

Now, RSS is incorporated into Flock, but I use google reader because I check my feeds on many different computers (work, desktop, laptop) and if I don’t keep use something that’s web-based, I’ll end up re-reading my news feeds.  Very annoying.  I grabbed google reader watcher so it would follow my feeds for me; ie, keep me in the loop as to when I have new feeds.

The browser is stable, fast and easy to use.

If you’re a social networking fiend, then I recommend Flock.  If you do basic browsing, I recommend Firefox.

Please also remember if you try out this software (the beta version) do remember that it’s BETA, which means that it may crash or have bugs.  They’re still working the kinks out.

So far, I haven’t run into any bugs.

I love this browser.  It works and works well.  Like I said before, if you are into the social web scene, grab Flock and try it out.

This beta uses the Firefox 3 codebase, so it takes care of any “memory leak” issues that you might have had with Flock 1.2 or Firefox 2.

I have no complaints about the browser thus far.  I love the way it handles on both Windows and Ubuntu (note: the linux version fixed the height of the entry boxes of Twitter, Pownce and Facebook).

Grab it here.

And, don’t forget that firefox addons can be used in Flock.  Get them here.

Enjoy Flock, and spread the word about it.

Blogged with the Flock Browser