Writing, Podcasts, iTunes, and Music


I need to get writing.  I need to actually complete my fanfic that I started a year ago.  I’ve still got that L/H one out there that is sitting with Lynley and Havers going to Heathrow to pick up some FBI agents.  *sigh*  Gotta get on that.

I’ve got a NCIS fic that I’m also trying to complete.  Writing for NCIS is not the easiest.  I thought I knew the characters well enough, but It’s not easy at all.  I’m trying to get Ziva and Tony together, but I don’t really know how to do it.

That’s where I’m at on writing.  I’ll try to get those done in the next month or so…  I really want to get them posted so people can read and critique them.


I’ve found a couple of podcasts that I want to keep up on:  Car Talk, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, and World Cafe.  I’d like to find the one for Women in Music, but that seems to be almost impossible.


New obsession.  iTunes is awesome!  It’s easy to use and easy to rip music with.  I’m particularly happy with the quality of the music it rips.


I’m on the second crate.  Damn.  It takes forever to rip.  I’m on the “F’s” now… Fountains of Wayne.

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