Random Tech and Random Update

Ok.  I know I’ve been awful with updating my blog recently.

I’ve been really busy.  Work’s been taking it out of me.  I like working there, but I’ve been very busy and sometimes I just want to retreat.


I’ve started using iTunes, for windows, as I don’t have a Mac.  Anyway, it’s a very slick program and works well.  I’m ripping music right now.  Having about a bazillion CDs makes it a long and arduous process.  I’ve just started the “B’s” with Joan Baez.

Windows is working really well on my laptop.  I haven’t had any problems with it recently.  Same with the the desktop.  Ubuntu is chugging along and doing what I need it to.

The only problem I’m running into is that Flock has a couple of irritations on Ubuntu.  That is for a different post.

I got an external hard drive.

It’s a Western Digital.  I ended up getting it on sale at Circuit City… $130.  Yes, yes, if I had ordered the thing on newegg or something, it would have been cheaper, but sometimes the shipping bites you in the arse.

250 gigs.  Should be enough for awhile, anyway.  Heh.  I’m putting my music on it so I can transfer it between both of my computers.

I’ve been using Twitter and Pownce.  Twitter is the microblogging platform you can post to via the web, Flock, SMS (mobile phone), or a downloadable program (twirhl, etc).  It’s fun and pretty easy; especially if you don’t want to do a whole blog post on something.  Pownce is miniblogging…. like if you want to post a paragraph about something really quick.

Don’t think I’m abandoning LiveJournal… no way (especially since I paid for it)!  I love LiveJournal and I will always post to it.  It will hold my random posts on different subjects as well as my fanfic.  :)

I think it’s time to wrap this post up…  Maybe go read a book or get caught up on my RSS feeds.  I didn’t check them hardly at all yesterday, so I have over a hundred.  *sigh*

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